Do you want to see your ad on our web page?

Mountain Peaks offers very reasonable rates for placing your ad on our website.

For only $35 a month, we’ll run your banner ad at, 400 x 100 pixels, in full color on the top of our web pages. You can use photos or graphics in your ad, promote a special, include a link to your own web page, and include your address and phone number. We can even include some animation in your bannre for an additional fee! We’ll design the ad to your specs for no extra charge!

But there is room for only one banner ad per month, so place your order now.

Why is a banner ad effective? It’s prominent – it’s at the top of our home page of our website.

You can place your ad on the right side bar for the low cost of only $10 per month (12 month package); $12 per month (6 month package).

Logo-Link Ads include your logo at a width of 90 px.

But space is limited! We can only take 5 logo-link ads in any month. So call 868-3070 to reserve your spot.